Results 2015

66 hearty souls (with 132 soles) lined up at the end of  Fox Hollow Road at 7am.  The 5 waves departed into an increasingly heavy rain and ascended Panther Mountain into strong winds and temperatures in the 40’s.  If that sounds like a lovely fall day to you, you are twisted.  To the surprise of the RD’s, the foul weather only scared off a few people from the start, and to our relief, their were only 3 drops in the entire field.   I can’t say enough about the tenacity of the runners that braved this very difficult course on a most difficult of days.  In the end,  Natalie Thompson was the first female across the line in 5:35:18 and Ben Nephew took it for the men in 4:31:35.  Congratulations to both of you and to the rest of the runners that made it around the course.  Here are the results with splits.


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