Course directions

These directions should be followed using the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps #142 and #143.  TheAvenza PDF maps app also works very well.  All turns will be marked but if you are unfamiliar with these trails, please purchase the maps from Rock and Snow online or in person in New Paltz, NY

Cat’s Tail turnsheet

0.0 – Start at Fox Hollow Rd.  Run up Blue Blazed Giant Ledge-Panther-Fox Hollow Trail

4.9 mi – Climb over a couple of bumps up to summit of Panther Mtn.  (2300 ft. ascent)

6.75 mi – Go down and back up to Giant Ledge, great views to the east.  (200 ft.)

7.5 mi – Head down to Yellow Blazed Phoenicia East Branch Trail and TURN RIGHT.    After 75 ft or so you will reach Aid #1, water and snacks.  You will then see a pile of dead trees on the left just before a rocky descent.  Jump over trees and run down unblazed trail.  This is a dashed line on the NY/NJ trail conference map.

8.9 mi – A few feet before you reach the paved rt. 47, turn left, run by the pond parallel to the road.

9.5 mi – Reach Aid #2- Winnisook Club Rd.  Only full aid station on course so make sure you are filled up on water (1 Liter minimum to leave) and food.  Continue on woods road past a wire cable gate. You are now back on the Yellow Blazed Phoenicia East Branch Trail

10.3 mi. – Turn left onto Red Blazed Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail.  Run up old truck road.

11.6 Bypass Curtis-Ormsbee trail on the right.

12.4 mi. – Reach summit of Slide Mt. (1700 ft.)

13.3 mi. – Descend to saddle.  Careful, steep rock ledges.

14.7 mi. – Take short spur trail (50ft.) on right to reach summit of Cornell Mt.  Decent views and true summit (600 ft.)  Backtrack and continue in the same direction.  Descend the infamous “Cornell Crack”.  This is a technical V notch.  If you’re not into it there is a bushwhack work around on the right above 100 ft. back up the trail.

15.5 mi. – Reach summit of Wittenberg Mt. at great viewpoint.  Take pictures and descend.  (200 ft.)

16.4 mi. – Aid #3.  Water and snacks.  Turn right on the new Blue Blazed Cross Mt. Trail.  You will be on this trail through the finish, There are some short ups but mainly it is downhill from here.

25.4 mi. – After running downhill switchbacks, reach the parking area and pavement of Lane St. and Aid #4.  Minimal water and snacks

25.5 mi. – turn right on High St.

26.0 mi. – turn left on Bridge St. (and run over bridge)

26.2 mi. – turn right onto Main St.

26.5 mi. – reach finish at the Parish Hall on left.


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